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Hi there!

I'm Blizzard and I am a Business Administration and Accounting major looking to pursue a career in esports. Currently, I work as the server manager of Rise Trading, where I manage all day-to-day operations of the in-game trading server, Discord, Twitter, and website. I also volunteer as an administrator for DiscordRep, where I focus on resolving reports and responding to support emails. Regarding Discord bots, I volunteer as a moderator for Droplet Development, where I am challenged to resolve bot related issues. For over a year, I worked as staff for one of the biggest CS:GO trading Discords known as Trademart, assisting in moderating and processing scam reports.

One of my biggest focuses has been maintaining a safe community free from scammers through close monitoring of potential scams and suspicious players. On the side, I spend most of my free-time trading and collecting the lowest float perfect sticker placement souvenirs and writing helpful Steam guides for the community.


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